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SCUBA Education & Training

Wreck Diving, Deep Diving & Nitrox Diving Combination Specialty Class

August 2-4, 2013: Lake Superior North Shore (Near Beaver Bay, MN)

Join us for a weekend of great diving and a great learning opportunity. Superior Expeditions is offering a rare chance to pursue the three popular specialties at the same time. Course work will be completed in advance over two evenings to be scheduled before the weekend of diving.

The cost for the weekend is $400 and includes 5 dives (1 Friday, 2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday), complete gear rental (four air fills, one nitrox fill) lodging for two nights. All five dives will very likely be from boats, but this is always subject to weather conditions. You will need to purchase SSI course materials for the three specialties you wish to pursue. These are available either from Superior Expeditions or any SSI dealer (we often work with Northland Scuba). Each course packet contains a DVD and a textbook. If you wish to receive SSI certification cards for any of these specialties, these are an extra $20 each, although multiple specialties can be listed on one card (see our Specialty & Advanced dive training summary page for more information).

Wreck Diving

Wreck diving is a specialized area of SCUBA diving that can be enjoyed by all divers, in all areas of the world. It offers a new outlet for adventure and helps satisfy the diver’s natural curiosity by allowing a glimpse at our past. You will also hear discussion specifically pertaining to wrecks in the Great Lakes. For more information see our Wreck Diving specialty page.

Deep Diving

Deep diving opens the door to many different activities such as wreck diving, wall diving, underwater archaeology, and the chance to see corals and marine life only found within deeper waters. Many of the more exciting, intriguing sites are found in deeper water. This course will cover topics like: making an effective deep dive plan and enhancing your SCUBA skills for deep diving. For more information see our Deep Diving specialty page.

Nitrox Diving

Simply stated, Nitrox is any mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. For example the air you are breathing right now is one form of Nitrox. The term Enriched Air Nitrox describes Nitrox mixtures in which the concentration of oxygen is greater than the 21% present in regular air. Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox instead of air provides two main benefits: increased bottom time and decreased risk of decompression sickness. For more information see our Nitrox Diving specialty page.