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SCUBA Trips & Charters

Lake Superior Diving: Charters, Open Water & Specialty Classes

2019 Lake Superior Charter & Specialty Education Weekends

  • T.B.D.

Both of the above weekends are available for general recreational diving, as well as for specialty education courses taught by Superior Expeditions. Contact Us for further information or to reserve your spot. These are always popular, fun weekends!

Typical Lake Superior North Shore Dive Sites

Typical Lake Superior North Shore dive sites include: China Bay (near the mouth of Split Rock River), Little Two Harbors, Split Rock Lighthouse, Split Rock Island (near Split Rock Cabins; a.k.a. "Guano Island"), Corundum Point, Silver Bay, Two Harbors, Wreck of the Madeira (near Gold Rock Point), Wreck of the Ely (near Two Harbors), Wreck of the Hesper (near Silver Bay), Wreck of the Lafayette, and others.


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