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University of Minnesota PE1205 - Scuba & Skin Diving

Class Support Page: Syllabus, RSTC Medical Form, Other Information

PE1205 “Scuba & Skin Diving” is available to all students and prospective students (through the Collage of Continuing Education) of the University of Minnesota.

Download the PE1205 Course Syllabus

Download the Required Medical Forms

All PE 1205 students are required to answer the questions contained within the SSI/Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) Medical Statement. The completed statements will be collected during the first class session. Students answering "yes" to any of the questions are required to get a doctor signature on the statement. This must be done prior to the third class session. If you have questions, please contact your course instructor, Bob Karl, at or your physician.

Textbook Information

The textbook for the class is included in the standard Open Water Diver Kit that students are required to purchase during the first night of class. The discounted cash price is $80 (students have an option to buy a hard copy text for $15 more). Students SHOULD NOT purchase a separate textbook from the university bookstore.

Important Information

There is an additional $125 course fee associated with PE1205.

Students should plan on attending all class and pool sessions as quizzes will be administered throughout the course, and pool work is built on previously learned skills.

SWIMMING ATTIRE IS REQUIRED FOR FIRST DAY OF CLASS ... All evening students and all day school students whose classes start on Thursdays, must come to the first class with appropriate swimming attire (i.e. swimming suits).

Students must be comfortable in the water and be able to swim a minimum of 400 yards. There will be a swim test during the first pool session. Evening classes have a two hour lecture period followed by two hours of pool work. Day classes have lectures on Tuesdays, and pool work on Thursdays.

Please Note ...

Internationally recognized standards on SCUBA education necessitate a three part approach for all individuals seeking SCUBA certification: 1) Classroom Learning, 2) Pool Practice, and 3) Open Water Training. PE1205 consists of the classroom and pool training sessions. The third part necessary for certification (training dives conducted in open water) is NOT PART of the PE1205 course. However, all students will be presented with multiple options for conducting their open water training dives for an additional fee if they so choose once they have successfully completed the course. Those students wishing to do their open water training dives can find more information in the above mentioned course syllabus, as well as on the Open Water Diver Course: Open Water Training page.