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Specialty Course: Boat Diving

Explore Spectacular Dive Sites Away from Shore

Do you dream of exploring offshore reefs and shipwrecks, inaccessible to the shore diver? If so, then boat diving is the answer for you.

Boats allow divers to explore spectacular sites miles from the shore - sites with clearer water and more marine life. There are dive bases, charter companies, and private parties all over the world that can take you by boat to these places.

The Boat Diving Course is designed to be an introduction to boat diving. This course will cover topics like:

  • Selecting the best dive boat for you
  • Traveling and staying comfortable on boats
  • Boat terms that make you sound like a pro
  • Avoiding seasickness and handling rough water
  • Anchor lines and other types of diver support lines used by boats
  • Getting on and off all types of boats in all types of conditions
  • Special equipment packing and storage techniques for boat diving