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Specialty Course: Computer Diving

Take Your Dive Planning to the Next Level

There’s hardly anyone who has completed an Open Water Diver course in the past ten years who hasn’t at least conducted their open water training with a dive computer. So why take the Computer Diving specialty course?

Here’ s why: Dive computers are a tool used by a diver – a tool that relies on the skill of the diver to both understand the information displayed and interpret it correctly. Being able to actively use the computer, as opposed to simply reading the numbers displayed during the dive, will help you get more out of your time underwater and ultimately be a safer diver.

The Computer Diver course is designed to be an overview of planning and conducting your dives with a dive computer. The course familiarizes students with the operation, skills, procedures, and problems of diving with computers. This course includes such topics as:

  • Dive computer theory
  • Comparison of different dive computer makes and models
  • Programming and setting options your computer
  • Interpreting computer feedback during the time
  • Advanced computer functions like Nitrox compatibility and dive simulation