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SCUBA Education & Training

Specialty Course: Deep Diving

Awaken the Explorer in You!

Deep diving opens the door to many different activities such as wreck diving, wall diving, underwater archaeology, and the chance to see corals and marine life only found within deeper waters. Many of the more exciting, intriguing sites are found in deeper water.

This course will cover topics like:

  • Making an effective deep dive plan
  • Proper surface support
  • Enhancing your SCUBA skills for deep diving
  • Recognizing and handling hazards

In addition, information on selection and use of specialized equipment:

  • Configuration and proper use of backup gear
  • Exposure protection for deeper diving and BC requirements
  • Proper use and limitations of dive computers
  • Primary and backup lights
  • Descent and ascent lines
  • Information on local deep diving sites accessible to all divers
  • Tips and techniques for deep diving in the Great Lakes
  • Opportunity for hands-on exposure to different gear configurations