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Specialty Course: Night & Limited Visibility Diving

Awaken the Explorer in You

Regardless of whether it's day or night, diving in limited visibility conditions can be a real challenge and adventure. However, just because the visibility may be limited doesn't mean the opportunities have to be.

Night diving is a natural extension of a diver's daytime activities. Nocturnal creatures glowing under a dive light create a spectacular, surreal combination. Comfort in limited visibility conditions extends your range of activities, opening up new dive sites to explore in your own locale or on a distant trip. The course textbook and video are packed with practical information about planning and conducting limited visibility dives for fun, adventure and exploration.

You will learn the basics of:

  • Different kinds of limited visibility and night diving conditions.
  • The selection, use, and maintenance of primary and secondary dive lights, strobe and surface lights.
  • The use of underwater lines for night or limited visibility diving.
  • Compasses and their use for limited visibility diving.
  • Locating the boat or shore.
  • Knives, cutting, and signaling devices.
  • Dive buddy awareness and control