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Specialty Course: Search & Recovery

Want to Search for Lost Treasures?

Sometimes divers are sometimes asked to search for and recover items lost in the water, such as a ring, tackle box, or boat motor. Whatever the object may be divers need to know how to assess the situation and determine their ability to retrieve that object. Many considerations need to be addressed, such as stress, depth, size, equipment restrictions, and cost benefit. The Search & Recovery specialty is designed to be an introduction to locating and recovering submerged items.

Building on your all-important navigation skills, this course teaches you how to locate underwater objects, as well as how to carefully and safely bring these objects to the surface. The Navigation specialty is often considered a a prerequisite for Search & Recovery.

By taking this course you will learn the application of a variety of search and recovery methods. The following topics are covered in detail:

  • Factors that affect your search and recovery operation such as environmental conditions, equipment use, mental and physical stress
  • Planning and organizing your search and recovery operation, including personnel, equipment, and communications requirements
  • Search techniques and patterns
  • Recovery techniques and equipment