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Specialty Course: Diver Stress & Rescue

Learn to Analyze Stress & Handle Rescue Situations

The Diver Stress & Rescue class is designed for divers who want to increase their skills in lifesaving and accident management beyond what is offered in basic or advanced certification courses.

Diver Stress & Rescue is a required course for those wishing to pursue an SSI Master Diver or higher level rating.

You can improve your diving confidence and enjoyment by learning to recognize situations that lead to problems and to handle these situations with special techniques. By taking this specialty course you will learn the basics of:

  • The causes and prevention of stress
  • Detecting and dealing with diving-related stress in yourself and others
  • Rescue skills that assist the victim, while protecting yourself
  • Dealing with situations that complicate rescues
  • Accident management procedures
  • Simple, yet effective search patterns

Knowledge You will learn the signs of stress, and how to deal with stress in yourself and others before, during, and after the dive. You will learn about different personality types and typical actions of each type in stressful situations.

Skills You will learn skills and techniques to help you and other divers prevent and overcome stressors associated with diving. You will learn self-aid and buddy aid skills for potentially stressful and/or rescue situations.

Equipment You will learn about how your equipment can help you to stay relaxed and enjoy every dive, what equipment is required in various rescue situations and how to use your equipment properly in the event of a rescue.