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Specialty Course: Wreck Diving

Awaken the Explorer in You!

Wreck diving is a specialized area of SCUBA diving that can be enjoyed by all divers, in all areas of the world. It offers a new outlet for adventure and helps satisfy the diver’s natural curiosity by allowing a glimpse at our past. Wreck diving can open up a whole new world, but only if you are properly trained!

The goal of the Wreck Diver Specialty Course is to interest recreational divers in Wreck Diving and educate them about the skills and equipment requirements for exploring wrecks. This course will cover topics like:

  • Selecting a Wreck Site
  • Wreck Diving Equipment
  • Locating the Wreck
  • Diving the Wreck
  • Topics in Advanced Wreck Diving

You will also hear discussion specifically pertaining to wrecks in the Great Lakes. Topics will include:

  • Local wrecks accessible to all divers
  • Tips and techniques for Great Lakes Wreck Diving
  • Opportunity for hands-on exposure to and discussion of gear considerations for wreck diving