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SCUBA Education & Training

Dive Leadership Training: Become a Dive Professional

Superior Expeditions also provides training and certification for Dive Guides, Dive Masters, and Dive Control Specialists and Assistant Instructors. The Dive Control Specialist (or "Dive Con") rating is considered the initial leadership level within SSI's Dive Leader Education System. With this rating you can do more than other SCUBA agency's entry-level dive leaders because the Dive Con course includes both Dive Master and Assistant Instructor training.

Dive Guide

This program is an introduction into the world of Dive Professionals. As a Dive Guide you will be qualified to lead certified divers on a variety of scuba diving adventures. Additionally, after passing the Snorkeling Instructor program, a Dive Guide can teach and issue Snorkeling certifications. Dive Guides are required to work through an active SSI Dive Center and, when necessary, with an active SSI Instructor. As a certified SSI Dive Guide (DG) you can:

  • Give underwater tours to certified scuba divers 
  • Teach Snorkel Diving after passing the Snorkel Instructor program
  • Issue Snorkel Diver certifications


Dive Guide plus the Science of Diving class, equals Divemaster. Divemasters can do everything Dive Guides can do, as well as assist with both classroom and pool under direct supervision of an SSI Instructor. As a certified SSI Divemaster (DM) you can:

  • Do all Dive Guide activities (see above)
  • Assist active SSI Instructors in academics, pool and open water training under direct supervision

Dive Control Specialist

Divemasters can become Dive Control Specialists after enrolling and passing the Dive Control Specialist course. (Note that several other scuba certification agencies refer to this level as "Assistant Instructor"). As a DCS you can teach lecture and pool classes with indirect supervision. By assisting an active SSI Instructor with open water training the DCS can collect valuable training experience which is the best possible preparation for an Instructor Training Course (ITC). As a certified SSI Dive Control Specialist (DCS) you can:

  • Lead and guide certified divers
  • Assist SSI Instructors in the classroom, pool and open water
  • Teach skills in the classroom and pool under indirect supervision of an SSI Instructor (except emergency skills)
  • Teach the SSI Scuba Skills Update, Snorkeling and Try Scuba ("pool only") programs

Training Specialist

Certified and active Dive Control Specialists can upgrade to Training Specialists. This rating allows you to conduct limited Specialty Course training for the following programs and issue certification independently: Boat Diving • Altitude Diving • Equipment TechniquesDigital Underwater Photography / Underwater VideographyComputer DivingNavigation • Perfect Buoyancy • Shark Diver / Fish ID • CPR / First Aid • O2 Provider / Advanced O2 • AED

Open Water Instructor ... and Beyond!

Superior Expeditions teaches Open Water Instructor, Specialty Instructor, and Advanced Open Water Instructor courses in partnership with Northland Scuba in Oakdale, MN.

Please Note!

Superior Expeditions believes in making qualified dive leaders and not just issuing certification cards. As such these courses will require more intensive preparation, training, and commitment when compared to some other SCUBA classes.

Contact Us if you would like further information. These courses can be taught "on-demand" throughout the year.