Preparing you for the adventure that lies ahead!

SCUBA Education & Training

Preparing You for the Adventure that Lies Ahead ...

Open Water Diver Course

Classroom & Pool Sessions: Superior Expeditions teaches the Open Water Diver course at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities Campus - Course #PE1205), which covers the classroom and pool training portions of the SSI Open Water Diver Course. Students wishing to achieve certification as an Open Water Diver will also need to successfully complete the required Open Water Training dives.

Open Water Training: For students who have passed the classroom and pool training of their Open Water Diver course we provide opportunities for open water certification dives. For students who will be traveling to do their open water dives we can help you coordinate this through the Universal Referral Program.

Specialty & Advanced Dive Training

Specialty & Advanced Training introduces divers to a new world of diving opportunities. Are you an experienced diver seeking a new adventure? Have you just started diving and are looking for the next step? Well, here’s your chance! Courses are sometimes scheduled in advance, but can usually be taught on demand.

Dive Leadership Training

Whether you choose to continue your education, start a new career or add something wonderful to your life by working part-time, Dive Leadership Training is a very rewarding experience! These courses are usually taught on demand.

SCUBA Skills Update

Scuba Skills Update classes are designed to refresh certified divers with the skills they learned when they took their open water course, as well as cover any new or updated material. Divers from all certifying agencies may participate. This class is usually taught on demand.

Other Related Training

Superior Expeditions also regularly coordinates other related dive training such as the Divers Alert Network (DAN) Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries course, CPR and First Aid, and the SSI Snorkel Diver and Try Scuba courses.