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SCUBA Related Links of Interest

The internet has no shortage of information related to SCUBA diving. We wanted to highlight the following links because we thought these would be of specific interest to new divers or divers in training.

Superior Expeditions conducts all SCUBA instruction under the guidelines of Scuba Schools International (SSI). This includes both open water students as well as specialty, advanced, and assistant instructor training.

Divers Alert Network (DAN): Divers Alert Network is a non-profit medical and research organization which provides information pertaining to the safety and health of SCUBA divers. Associated with Duke University Medical Center it operates a 24-hour emergency hotline providing medical advice and assistance for underwater diving injuries. DAN also operates a diving medical information line and provides a number of educational programs.

Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society: The Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society (GLSPS) was formed as an instrument to stabilize and restore the deteriorating shipwrecks of the Great Lakes region. The society is a non-profit tax exempt 501.c.3 organization whose members are divers, historians, and those who share a common love of shipwrecks and a vision of preserving these underwater treasures. The GLSPS was formed to deal with the unique technological and legal aspects of these underwater sites.

Northland Scuba: Located in Eden Prairie, MN. Most of the international dive trips we organize and specialty dive education classes we teach are done in conjunction with Northland Scuba.

Scuba Diving Magazine (Rodale's): Probably the most well known monthly SCUBA magazine. The web site provides a host of information on travel destinations and reviews of SCUBA gear.

Dive Training Magazine: A magazine specifically targeted at new divers. Monthly issues address subjects from how-to and back-to-basics articles, to understanding the underwater environment. A local bulletin board site dedicated to local diving and diving related activities. A Wisconsin area bulletin board site dedicated to Wisconsin area diving and diving related activities.