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SCUBA Education & Training

Scuba Skills Update

Are you a certified diver who has not donned a SCUBA unit in some time? Do you want to increase your comfort level when you are diving? Do you want to get in a bit of practice before leaving on that big dive vacation?

Scuba Skills Update courses are designed to refresh certified divers with the skills they learned when they took their open water course, as well as cover any new or updated material. You will review dive planning, dive tables, dive execution, and practice SCUBA skills as well as learn about techniques that may have changed since you took your open water class. It's the perfect opportunity to refresh your memory and motor coordination and practice your self-aid skills, all under the guidance of a professional dive leader.

Upon completion of the course your logbook is endorsed by the instructor and a sticker is provided for the back of your certification card. Divers from all certifying agencies can participate. This class is available "on-demand" throughout the year. Please Contact Us for details.